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About Dominion Lending Centres NasaKasa

We are ready to help if you need a mortgage broker.
Getting a mortgage can be a stressful process, especially when dealing with a large institution.
Our goal is to make the mortgage application process as easy as possible!
Providing you with a variety of financial products and personalized consultation services that keep you informed along the way is what we do at Dominion Lending Centres NasaKasa.
You are not just another file to us; our team treats you like family and friends, with respect and courtesy.
Every customer’s needs are met through a customized process.
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Customers Speak

Damian Sztaba
Damian Sztaba
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"Thank you Jacek for the great work you and your team have done for my parents and me. One down and one more to go. With your hard work I know it will be done in our best interest. Thank you!"
Ahmed Al-Sadekin
Ahmed Al-Sadekin
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"As a first time buyer we were very lucky to be represented by Jack and his team. He guided us through the whole process and made it a very pleasant experience for me and my wife. Highly recommend him and his team if you are looking for a knowledgeable real estate agent."
Sarah Chowdhury
Sarah Chowdhury
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"The best customer service we could have asked for. We will definitely be returning to Jack and his team for any future business."

How the Process Works at
Dominion Lending Centres NasaKasa



We are reachable in a variety of different ways! Clients will often contact us through social media, or you can do it the old-fashioned way through phone or email. Please don’t hesitate to simply walk right on into our offices to say hello.


Client Profile

To provide you with the best possible service, we like to develop what we call client profiles – a unique profile that contains all of the relevant information we need to assist you. Once that is completed, we will go forward and extract more in-depth information relevant to your case.



We take into account all relevant variables that will affect the services that you are looking for. We also like to look at our clients’ histories to give us the best understanding of the products that would be best suited to you and your needs.



After the completion of a client profile and a personalized analysis, now our services can truly begin. We will go through a comprehensive inspection of all necessary paperwork, and obtain all information needed to craft the most optimal solutions for you.


Keeping in Touch

At Dominion Lending Centres NasaKasa, we believe that our job is never complete, even when you obtain the services you need. We will continue to keep in contact to ensure your satisfaction, and to help provide any additional services and support that you may need.

Every person is unique and we believe that there is a solution for every Canadian.
We will provide a unique solution that best suits your needs!